Who are we?

When commissioning Rane Training, you are accessing a wealth of expertise and from the team and quality training and consultation from a proficient group of professionals.  But more than that, we all have a huge passion for our work: to make the world a more restorative place where relationships can be strengthened, conflict dealt with in a meaningful way, and creating a more empathic approach to life and each other.
The best compliment we get is when our participants share stories of successfully using a restorative approach at home with their families, empowering them to make better choices and improve relationships.  This drives us even more than the remarkable impact our work can have on the clients of those we work with.
Below you can see who we are and some of what we bring; a range of practices from a wide variety of fields.

How do we work?


Rane Training works independently and directly with organisations commissioning training.  We offer off-the-shelf courses and/or can work with you to design a bespoke course to meet your needs.

We also work in partnership with organisations to offer a comprehensive and complementary approach to our work.

Rane Training Limited is based in the South East of England but offers services nationally and internationally.

The cost of services is on a sliding scale, depending on the nature of the work, the organisation and the length of assignment.

Rane Training Limited adheres to the Restorative Justice Council, RJC Trainers Code of Practice. Claudine Rane was a member of the RJC from 2006-2020.How We Work

Inclusive – We always make every effort to include every participant by being flexible with content and process, and by adapting delivery methods and materials to meet the specific needs of individuals, whether in relation to learning styles, abilities or emotional needs.

Respectful – We treat all people we work with respectfully and challenge disrespectful and discriminatory behaviour, or encourage the group we are working with to do so.

Empowering – We believe not in solving people’s problems for them, but in helping people to find their own potential to create answers and solutions to difficulties or questions.

Participative – We believe people learn most effectively through experiential learning, and therefore we facilitate sharing of skills, knowledge, and ideas, and enable learning through problem solving.

Reliable – We will always provide a service as agreed to the high standard expected.

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