We have vast experience of training design, development and delivery, as well as evaluation, in a variety of areas. We can offer a range of training styles and approaches and tailor these and the content of a training session or workshop to meet the needs of your participants. Broadly, the areas we specialise in cover restorative practice, youth justice and safeguarding, but within these are a number of skills and processes which can warrant specific workshops dedicated to each specialist area.

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Rane Training Limited uses facilitation skills in various aspects of its work and “facilitation” could be used to describe how we work in several of our functions. We facilitate workshops, meetings, discussion groups, and conversations, using methods appropriate to the context, the group and the subject area.

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We can also use facilitation or mediation skills and techniques between parties in dispute, either separately or with them meeting face-to-face, helping them to find mutually agreeable solutions to the issues coming between them. This could be in the context of victims and offenders, and their families or supporters, bringing them together to talk about an offence which has occurred, or in another conflict situation such as the workplace.

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